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Shandong Wheatsun Food Co., Ltd., founded in 1984 and located in a famous cultural city with a long history of over 2200 years--Gaomi City in Shandong province, is a professional wheat flour enterprise specializing in wheat processing industrial chain and deep processing of wheat flour products. It possesses professional R&D team and has large scale capacity in processing prime dried noodles and oil-free cooked noodles. The annual raw grains of wheat processed by the company are more than 300,000 tons. Wheatsun Food plays a vital role in global market as a professional supplier of noodle products located in Asian-Pacific region.

The company has two wheat flour processing plant right now, covering a total area of 150,000 square meters. Both of plants can process 5 categories of products at the same time, including wheat flour, prime dried noodles, oil-free cooked noodles, nutritious wheat germ, steamed bun and pastries. There are more than 200 specific items of products.

With 12 production lines of fine dried noodles, Wheatsun Food can produce 320 tons of various dried noodles per day. Its capacity is the toppest in Shandong Province. Its sales ranks top 15 in mainland China.

The company has two production lines manufacturing oil-free cooked noodles. All the products are exported to the EU, North America, Australia, Russia, South Korea, Japan and other countries and regions. The production line of oil-free cooked noodles is the first full-automatic oil-free cooked noodles production line with independent proprietary intellectual property right in China. The total length of the production line is 180 meters, the annual processing capacity up to 6000 tons.

The company has passed the certification of ISO9001: 2000 standard quality management system and HACCP system. It has independent import and export rights as well as commodity inspection registration.

For food safety, Wheatsun is building organic wheat bases and apply for the organic certification of EU, U.S.A, Japan and China. Providing consumers with unparalleled high quality flour products has always been our tireless pursuit.

In terms of production process improvement and food nutrition enrichment, the company has set up an R&D department to not only provide customers with high quality products but also constantly improve the ability of providing whole solutions of wheat flour products for the clients.

Wheatsun people will consistently focus on the deep processing of wheat flour products. We will be always committing to provide consumers safe, delicious and nutritious flour products and striving to be more influential in the global flour products industry.

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